Meet our amazing Code Chicas!

Over the past few months, these girls have been working hard in our Code Chica Certification Program where they had the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of coding. By participating in the coding program, the girls also got to learn about the different computer science and engineering paths available to them for their future studies. We are so proud of them for completing the program and of their desire to further their education in different technological fields!

Students work with on-site coding instructors and guest speakers to learn about computer science, engineering and technology development. After mastering coding fundamentals, the girls explore STEM careers and earn a $75 stipend for participating. The first cohort of girls will finish the program on June 29, while the second cohort hits the ground running on July 20.

Our first cohort of Code Chicas recently reflected on their experiences in the program and encourages other girls to participate.


“I chose to be a Code Chica participant because the future is tech and there’s nothing wrong with learning a new skill, especially if it is essential to have in the 21st century.”

Renita, an emerging freshman at McNeil High School, wants to be a pediatrician and knows her path in college will require a health-related course of study.


“I know this will help me along the way to college in my dreams of being a software engineer.”

KIPP Austin Collegiate 10th grader Camila knew to participate in Code Chica meant the best of both worlds: Learning about programming in a supportive environment that understands the stereotypes female programmers must overcome.


“I chose to be a Code Chica participant because it seemed like a challenge (and it can be) and I wanted to know more about coding.”

Daniela attends sister campus KIPP Austin Academy of Arts and Letters and has a beautiful and ambitious goal of studying neuroscience in college. The ultimate goal is for her to attend medical school. She enjoyed learning to build and edit her own website as part of the Code Chica programming.


“I chose to be part of Code Chica because I wanted to try something new.”

Mubashira, a 13-year-old student at Chaparral Star Academy, aspires to study aerospace engineering in college.


“I found Code Chica so I can figure that out and explore my options.”

Fellow Chaparral Star Academy student Sofia doesn’t quite know what she wants to study in college yet, but she knew Code Chica was a win-win whatever path she chooses.


“I liked the idea of trying out something new and learning about coding in the process”

Semra, a 15-year-old student at Harmony School of Endeavor, heard about the Code Chica camp from her school counselor.

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Empowering all girls to innovate through media and technology.

Empowering all girls to innovate through media and technology.