By Kirsty Brewster

In September, chicas in Club Latinitas learned about the history of Labor Day and the importance of protecting workers’ rights. Let’s have the girls tell you themselves.

“I learned that people that work get time off, and before (laws were passed to protect workers) they couldn’t take…

By Samantha Paradiso

Latinitas Welcomes Zpryme’s Director of Marketing, Richard R. Murray.

Ricky Murray has served as Zpryme’s Director of Marketing, Events and Partner Relations since May of 2016, where he is tasked with the creation and implementation of Zpryme’s digital and physical marketing strategies. …

By Elisa Garcia

Thirteen teenage girls became certified Media Chica reporters through Latinitas on Aug. 8. In the organization’s first Media Chica cohort, Latinitas provided a week-long journalism bootcamp where participants dived into the world of journalism.

Throughout the week, the chicas wore their reporter hats and wrote on…


Empowering all girls to innovate through media and technology.

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